Predator Face-Off
Predator Face-Off
by Melissa Stewart
National Geographic
Books for Children, 2017
National Geographic Readers
for ages 5-7
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Series at a Glance
Great white sharks swim in the sea. Cheetahs run across the land. Parrot snakes slide along tree branches. But they all eat meat. Engaging text and stunning photos invite young readers to compare and contrast three of the world’s fiercest predators.
Research Notes
“I love the title of this book, but I can’t take credit for it. Editor Shelby Alinsky already had it in mind when she asked me to write the book.
“At the time, I happened to be doing a week of school visits in upstate New York, so I asked the kids what they thought the book should be about. And, boy, did they have some great ideas.
“Thanks to those thoughtful young pre-writing wizards, the book has a strong compare and contrast structure and focuses on three predators that belong to different animal groups (fish, mammal, reptile), live in different environments (ocean, savanna, forest), and hunt in different ways.”
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