Earth and Space Science
by Melissa Stewart
National Geographic Kids, 2015
National Geographic Reader
Ages 6-9
ISBN 978-1-42631-943-3
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Blast off on a thrilling adventure to the far reaches of our solar system to discover the story behind small space rocks called meteoroids and the meteors and meteoroids they become as they hurtle into our atmosphere and plummet to the ground. Dozens of fascinating images and clear, engaging text bring the wonders of outer space to life for young readers.
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Research Notes
“It’s been a while since I’ve written a book about space, so I was thrilled when my editor called to ask if I’d like to write a book about meteors. There is a lot of confusion about these small space rocks. In fact, scientists don’t even agree on a definition for the word ‘meteor’. That made the book a real challenge to research and write, but I had a blast sifting through the material, selecting the most important and interesting information, and presenting it in a way that kids would find fascinating.”


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