is my Brain Like a Supercomputer?
by Melissa Stewart
Good Question series
Sterling Publishing, 2014
Ages 7-10

ISBN 978-1-45490-678-0

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Good Question Brain Good Question Dinosaurs  
When did the first dinosaurs appear on Earth? What happened to them 65 million years ago? How do we know about dinosaurs—and are there any still alive today? Dinosaurs are absolutely irresistible—and children will love learning about these fascinating creatures.
Research Notes
“Even though dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, scientists are learning more about them and their ancient world all the time. While researching this book, I was able to explore recent findings and learn about dinosaurs I’d never heard of before. It was a blast.”
“The Good Question! series continues to offer interesting facts in an appealing fashion. Working within a set format, the skilled authors organize questions and two- or three-paragraph answers in ways that introduce and cover each subject appropriately. On each spread, clearly captioned illustrations—maps, drawings, close-up photographs, and realistic images—face the text. The questions are those a child reader might ask. Why Did T. Rex Have Short Arms? introduces these early reptiles, describing how and what we know about their physical characteristics and behavior, and offering the most commonly accepted explanation of their extinction. Colorful illustrations introduce a wide range of species. Attractively presented, with up-to-date, accurate information, these science titles are a first choice.”
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