Robotic Scorpion
by Melissa Stewart
Silvery Dolphin, 2004
Ages 9-12
ISBN 978-1-59223-211-6
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What do scorpions and robots have in common? Find out in this fascinating, full-color illustrated book on robotic animals, which introduces budding scientists to the field of biomimetics, the science of creating machines or materials by copying nature. For decades, robot scientists have looked to scorpions and other eight- and six-legged creatures for inspiration. Read about their incredible designs, and then build your own walking scorpion, complete with light up eyes and moving pincers.
Research Notes
“I don’t usually write about technology, but I couldn’t pass up this project because it’s all about the intersection of biology and robotics. Way cool! Plus I loved the prototype they showed me of the model that gets packaged with the book. It was fascinating to interview the scientists involved in this work. They really loved what they were doing and were eager to share their work with young readers.”
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