When Rain Falls
We go inside when the rain comes down, but where do animals go? That depends on the kind of animal and where it lives. Bees hide in hives and ants stay safe in underground nests. Squirrels pull their long bushy tails over their heads like umbrellas. Caterpillars crawl under leaves. Using clear, simple language, When Rain Falls offers young readers a lyrical look at how animals living in forests, fields, wetlands, and deserts behave during a rainstorm.
Honors and Awards
Helena Education Foundation Fabulous First Pick
Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List
Keystone to Reading Book Award Nominee 2009-2010
Science Books & Films Best Books for Children
Behind the Book
“The original idea for this book traces all the way back to 1996, when I saw a documentary called Microcosmos. Using tiny fiber optic cameras, the filmmakers allowed moviegoers to view the world from the perspective of ants and caterpillars, snails and frogs, and other small creatures. In one memorable sequence, ladybugs and water striders battle “giant” rain drops during a midsummer thunderstorm.
“Rain seems harmless to us, but it can seriously injure these little insects. It’s easy for us to take shelter when rain falls, but most animals don’t have that luxury. I began to wonder what they did during the rain. As I researched, I found some great stories, and I’ve included my favorite ones in this book.”
“When rain falls, children go indoors, but what do the animals do? A simple text and gentle watercolor illustrations, organized by habitat, reveal how in forests, fields, wetlands and deserts 22 different species respond. … the information, though simple, is accurate [and] should appeal to very young listeners curious about the natural world.”
— Kirkus Reviews
“Stewart elaborates on how various animals react to rain in different habitats: a forest, a field, a wetland, and a desert. The examples are clearly presented and interesting (e.g., squirrels use their bushy tails like umbrellas, hawks puff up feathers to keep warm). Bergum’s well-rendered watercolors will facilitate group sharing ... a good choice for rainy-day sharing or to introduce a weather unit.”
— School Library Journal
“Stewart’s language is easy to read and understand, in part because it takes on a lyrical feeling. The soft watercolors of Constance Bergum help bring to life the secret activities of these animals and their rain-soaked habitats …  [I]f you want to tap into your child’s curiosity about the natural world, inspire a love for science, find a relevant book for the rainy season, or if you’re just looking for a good read, When Rain Falls, will cover all the bases.”
— education.com
“Although the simple writing is intended as an introduction to the topic, the gorgeous watercolor illustrations will entertain the adults expected to turn the pages.”
Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Stewart has done a nice job by presenting different environments and different classes of animals, such as insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. I can see using this book …while teaching the water cycle, ecosystems, or animal adaptations. Each visual is an excellent representation of the animals in their surroundings.... delightful and informational. This would be a wonderful way to share learning about nature with our younger scientists.”
Library Media Connection
“... a beautiful book for parents and teachers to share with preschool and elementary school children…. Each pair of pages has a multipanel illustration including details of the animals themselves and their habitats. Cutaway drawings provide a clear view of underground and enclosed animal homes. This book will spark discussions of where different animals live and the different things animals do when the weather changes.”
Science Books & Film
When Rain Falls
by Melissa Stewart
illus by Constance R. Bergum
Peachtree, 2008
for ages 4-8
ISBN 978-1-5614-5438-0 (HC)
When Rain Falls paperback
ISBN 978-1-68263-100-3 (PB)
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