by Melissa Stewart
Lerner Publications, 2005
Nature Watch series
for Grades 4-8
ISBN 978-1-57505-577-0
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Baboons New World Monkeys
Sloths, the slowest mammals in the world, live in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Hanging upside down by their long clawed arms, these strange animals survive by feeding at night and moving so slowly that they escape the notice of their predators. 
Honors and Awards
Society of School Librarians International Honor Book
Research Notes
“When I went to Costa Rica with my husband’s family, one of the animals on my wish list was a three-toed sloth. My husband and brother-in-law spotted one first. Unfortunately, I was off on a tour of the river. Then we all saw one a few days later. Actually, we saw two. My 7-year-old niece, Iris, was fascinated by the tiny baby sloth that clung to its upside-down mother, hour after hour.”  

“The well-composed text traces [sloths’] evolution from prehistoric progenitors to the current day. . . With its well-captioned, full-color photos on every page and informative text, Sloths offers enough information for solid reports and general interest.”

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