A Rainbow of Animals
by Melissa Stewart
Enslow, 2010
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-0-76603-706-9
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Reviews (cont'd)
“In a well-thought-out format, 56 different animals from around the globe are highlighted and grouped according to color. From mammals to sea creatures to insects, each one has its own spread, and brief but interesting factual details about the color’s significance are provided. ... The large font and vivid close-up photographs make for an eye-catching, attractive selection. Simple, effective sentences give just enough information to inspire further investigation. ... a colorful and intriguing introduction to some exotic wildlife.”
A Rainbow of Animals is a composite book of six previously published books of six colors (red, orange, yellow, purple, blue and green) of animals, vibrantly photographed and carefully described. The various ways and reasons each animal uses color to survive are succinctly enumerated, and there are maps for each animal to show where its native habitat is. Additional information about the influence of diet on color and other color related data about the animals is presented. A Rainbow of Animals is presented as appealing to children of reading levels K-3, interest levels K-5. The brilliant photography will attract lingering interest and close examination of each miraculous creature.”
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