by Melissa Stewart
Animals, Animals series
Benchmark Books /
Marshall Cavendish, 2007
for Grades 3 and up
ISBN 978-0-76142-528-1
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This book’s engaging text discusses the physical characteristics and anatomy of rabbits and describes their diet, habitat, and amazing strategies for avoiding enemies.
Research Notes
“Sometimes I travel to the far corners of the world to observe the animals I write about, but not for this book. A family of cottontails lives under a giant spruce tree in my side yard. Each June, I wait patiently for the tiny youngsters to make their first appearance."
Swans and Rabbits by Melissa Stewart ... pack in details and color suitable for both leisure reading and reports, and will make for very basic collection additions perfect for high-interest lending, display, and use."
“These solid, smoothly written introductions are compelling for their well-organized and attractively formatted presentation ... [They are] informative, and the writing is quite good."
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