No Monkeys, No Chocolate
by Melissa Stewart
and Allen Young
Charlesbridge, 2013
for ages 5-8
ISBN 978-1-58089-287-2
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“Stewart hooks readers with a title that prompts inquiry, and then connects readers with their prior knowledge and interest: chocolate’s role in desserts and tasty treats. Next, she moves into the process by which cocoa beans are processed, and then further back to where and how they grow, and the interrelationships within the rainforest that make it happen ....  No Monkeys, No Chocolate makes for a great read aloud, and provides a marvelous introduction to cocoa, life cycles, the rain forest, and the concept of interdependence in nature.” (Read the full review.)
“Brilliant book. Packed with well organized facts about how delicate and important multiple organisms are within the ecosystem which impacts the creation of chocolate/cocoa beans. Since I am thoroughly addicted to dark chocolate, I loved learning more through every stage .... I cannot wait to read it aloud!”
“I love chocolate. So, of course, a title like No Monkeys, No Chocolate caught my attention. Stewart has effectively combined factual information about cocoa beans with a touch of humor to make an enjoyable read for children.”
(Read the full review.)
“No Monkeys, No Chocolate can be used for units on plants and plant structures, ecology (food webs, ecosystems) and even writing. It will be a must for chocolate lovers, too. Be prepared to discover many new things about something we all take for granted.” (Read the full review.)
“No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart and Allen Young with illustrations by Nicole Wong is a work of nonfiction rising above other titles for its authenticity in text and pictures.  Even after several readings I found myself actively engaged each time, looking for added items in the visuals and marveling at the knowledge I was gleaning from the writing.  I highly recommend this book to be included in library and classroom collections.” (Read the full review.)
“No Monkeys, No Chocolate is an interesting and thorough account of how cocoa trees produce the beans that bring us the wonderful food. The sequence of the book is a clever way to present the information. I would add this book to a unit on plants and it could also be used to teach the skill of sequencing. Good stuff!” (Read the full review.)
“In this fascinating book readers will learn about all cocoa trees and they will come to realize that these trees depend on an intricate little ecosystem that is inhabited by insects, reptiles, monkeys and other creatures. . . . . The authors provide readers with further information about cocoa trees and rainforests, and they tell readers what they can do to help protect rain forests. An author’s note also explains how the authors came to write this book.” (Read the full review.)
“This is a fascinating look at the complexities of something that many of us take for granted. . . . enticing both in its premise and its execution. The art has a wonderful lightness to it that fits the subject particularly well. The clever little bookworms add a whimsical note to the entire book with their ballooned speech bubbles, ballcap, flower and skirt.  A winner of a nonfiction picture book, this is one sweet addition to any library.” (Read the full review.)
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