by Melissa Stewart
True Books: Animal Groups
Children’s Press /
Scholastic, 2001
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-51622-035-2
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Amphibians Birds Fishes
Insects Reptiles
This book describes the physical characteristics, habitats, and basic behaviors of mammals. You can read it along with the other books in this series and then compare six major groups of animals.
Honors and Awards
Science Books & Films Editor’s Choice
Research Notes
“We know so much about mammals that it was a challenge to whittle down all the fascinating research I gathered into just 1,500 words. I had to really understand what makes mammals unique."
“The six books in this truly outstanding series of nature books for beginning readers are extremely well written and superbly illustrated. Each book gives a good description of the unique features of the anatomy, life history and development of the animal mentioned in the title, as well as of its economic importance."
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