How Do Bats Fly in the Dark?
by Melissa Stewart
Tell Me Why, Tell Me How
Benchmark Books /
Marshall Cavendish, 2008
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-76142-924-1
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Bats are mysterious creatures that gracefully cruise through the night sky. Through a series of chapters that provide children with necessary background information, this book gradually and satisfyingly reveals how bats use echolocation to find their way and hunt for dinner.
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“When I was growing up, I remember pulling back the dining room drapes and seeing a bat hanging upside down from the curtain rod. While I screamed like crazy, my level-headed brother ran to the closet, got the broom, and chased the tiny mammal out of the house. Whew, what an adventure! I was glad to have this opportunity to learn more about bats and how they survive in the world."
“If you need science material to support a standards-based inquiry science program, look no further. This is an accurate and well-organized series. Questions propel the text in these books. Each title contains an activity for a hands-on science experience that can be done with easily acquired items. The illustrations expand the text and reinforce topics covered. Every title in this series will appeal to the curious child who always asks why and how."
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