Animal Grossapedia
by Melissa Stewart
Scholastic, 2012
for Ages 8-12
ISBN 978-054543-348-8
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This appealing Ripley’s-esque offering pairs two perennial favorites: oddities of the animal kingdom and gross scientific factoids. Adults may be better off not knowing that a cute bunny eats its own feces or that a giant water bug breathes through its behind, but the gross-out factor will be a huge draw for kids, especially reluctant readers. Stewart’s thorough scientific explanations are tempered by a casual language. Children will be so delightfully disgusted they may not notice that they are learning basic and important biological concepts such as ecological adaptation and environmental stewardship. A detailed glossary includes brief and understandable definitions of all sorts of fun jargon: cecotrope, regurgitate,and more.

To say I was riveted to each and every page of Animal Grossapedia (Scholastic, October 2012) by Melissa Stewart would be an understatement. . .

Melissa Stewart has devoted her life to writing nonfiction science books for children. With more than 150 titles to her credit, her delivery is informative and highly engaging through her humor and easy conversational style of presentation. It's easy to imagine her reading the segments in this book aloud to an audience.

Bright, colorful photographs document the narrative. . . . In addition to the Words To Know pages, readers can view the Contents in the beginning and Find Out More resources and an Index in the back.

. . . readers will be glued to the writing style and the details it contains. For individual readers or even as a read aloud, this is nonfiction meant to be shared.
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