Animal Grossapedia
by Melissa Stewart
Scholastic, 2012
for Ages 8-12
ISBN 978-054543-348-8
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Lots of books focus on “gross” substances in the human body, but many animals use these same substances in ways that will surprise and fascinate kids! Did you know that Komodo dragons use their saliva to poison their prey, but mice use spit to heal their wounds? Could you guess that sea cucumber use vomit to startle enemies and bees use it to make honey? Young readers will walk away grossed out and with an understanding of how different animals use spit, vomit, slime, poop, urine, and blood to survive.
Honors and Awards
National Science Teachers Association—Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book
Research Notes
“I wrote a book about spit a few years ago, and it turns out I wasn’t done with the topic. After I finished the book, I kept on noticing references to weird and wacky ways that animals use spit. I couldn’t cut myself. I kept collecting them. "As my file grew, I started keeping an eye out for strange stories about vomit, and the full range of body waster products. So when Scholastic editor Benda Murray asked me if I had a book idea that she thought could work in the trade market as well as in book fairs and book clubs, I pulled out all the clips I’d been saving and developed a proposal and writing sample. The result of that effort was this book—Animal Grossapedia.”
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