by Melissa Stewart
True Books: African Animals
Children’s Press /
Scholastic, 2002
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-51622-199-1
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Antelope Hippopotamuses Rhinoceroses
Learn all about the physical characteristics, behavior, and lifestyles of elephants. Read this book along with the other titles in this series to understand how our favorite plant-eating mammals live together and interact on the African savanna.
Honors and Awards
Science Books & Films Editor’s Choice
Research Notes
“I was inspired to write this book after spending three weeks on safari in East Africa . I was fortunate enough to see many groups of elephants in their natural habitat. I even took one of the photos that appears in Elephants. That huge musk male was just 15 feet from our jeep—too close for comfort. Luckily, he didn’t charge."
“These books are well written and contain many outstanding photographs. They do an excellent job of describing the [African] animals, especially in pointing out any unique characteristics. Public schools and libraries would do well to own these books. They are sure to excite readers, young and old, to visit a zoo, to learn more about the animals, and to think about ways to protect the dwindling populations of rare and endangered species."
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