Nifty Noses
by Melissa Stewart
Enslow, 2012
Animal Bodies Up Close
For ages 5-7

ISBN 978-0-76603-892-9

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Did you know that an anteater can close its nostrils so insects don’t crawl inside? Or that polar bears have the world’s best sense of smell? These are just two of the fascinating facts included in Nifty Noses Up Close. Early elementary readers will be delighted by the variety of ways the animals around us use their noses to hunt, breathe, and stay safe. A fun guessing game at the end of the book introduces readers to the idea that some animals use their noses in some unexpected ways.
Research Notes
“This is a book I’ve been wanting to write for years. As I did research for other books about animals, I was intrigued that a proboscis monkey uses its nose to attract mates and that a star-nosed mole feels its underground surroundings with wriggling tentacles on its nose. Nifty Noses Up Close finally gave me a chance to share all the fun nose facts I’ve been collecting.”
Nifty Noses looks at the star-nosed mole, an anteater, a right whale, a polar bear, an African elephant, a coho salmon, and a leaf-nosed bat. Readers are also informed that humans’ noses help them to breathe in oxygen and smell cookies baking or milk that has soured. These well-thought-out titles are suitable for beginning readers looking for some fascinating facts, and the excellent photography will draw them into the books. There is also a guessing game at the back of each volume. Solid additions to most collections.
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