Why Are Animals Red?
by Melissa Stewart
A Rainbow of Animals
Enslow, 2009
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-0-76603-249-1
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”...vibrant colors and fun facts take readers through the world and explain how color helps creatures survive. They are introduced to a variety of animals, from finned to feathered. [Then] readers are introduced to two new animals and get to see if they can figure out how the animals' color helps them survive in their environments. [W]orld maps show where each animal lives...and would make a nice starting point to discuss affects of environmental changes and how they might affect the animals. Each volume provides a beautiful introduction to animal adaptations...High-interest content, bright color, and controlled vocabulary will draw readers in.

“The world is a rainbow of animals, and these books set out to explain why....This unusual, appealing series is easy to read and will be a solid selection for reluctant readers.”

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