Why Are Animals Red?
by Melissa Stewart
A Rainbow of Animals
Enslow, 2009
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-0-76603-249-1
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Series at a Glance
Animals come in all colors of the rainbow—and with good reason, too. Being red helps ladybugs and male cardinals, Pacific giant octopuses and coral snakes survive in their habitats. This book clearly explains the science behind animal coloration with easy-to-read text and stunning full-color photographs that are sure to delight and educate young readers.
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Research Notes
“Before researching and writing this group of books, I enjoyed the vast variety of animal colors, but I never really thought about their importance as adaptations for survival. An animal's color can help it blend with its surroundings, warn predators to stay away, or let a mate know its whereabouts. Color makes the natural world more beautiful to us and they send other creatures all kinds of important messages."
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