zoom in on Fireflies
Zoom in on Dragonflies
by Melissa Stewart
Zoom in on Insects
Enslow, 2014
for Ages 5-7
Lexile 470
HC ISBN 978-0-7660-4213-1
PB ISBN 978-1-4644-0369-9
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This book shines a light on the insects that brighten our backyards on summer evenings. Discover what a firefly eats, how it avoids enemies, and how it makes more fireflies in a one-of-a-kind book that offers clear, simple text and striking, close-up photos.
Junior Library Guild Selection
Research Notes
“After agreeing to write this book, I realized how little I know about fireflies. I had lots of questions. What do they look like when they’re young? How do they metamorphose? What do they eat? How do they sense the world? I couldn’t wait to dive into the research.

“It’s easy to get caught up in research, especially with such an interesting topic. Because I was writing a basic book for early readers, I had to avoid getting bogged down by trying to share too many details.

“How did I decide what information had to go in and what to leave out? By talking it over with a friend who is an entomologist. She helped me decide what information was most critical and how to take advantage of the Zoom Bubble images that are characteristic of the series.”
“Enslow continues to "Zoom in," this time focusing on insects. Stewart breaks down these bugs part by part, providing basic information on antennae, legs, wings, eyes, as well as on their life cycles and habitats, relying upon sparse text ideal for young readers and a colorful, eye-catching layout. [C]lose-up images will engage children. Further reading, index, websites.”
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