Maggots, Grubs, and More
by Melissa Stewart
Millbrook, 2003
for Grades 3-6
ISBN 978-0-7613-2658-8
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It’s easy to picture an adult bumblebee or dragonfly, but do you know what these insects looked like while they were growing up? Many young insects look completely different from the adults they will eventually become. Years ago, scientists didn’t even realize that most grubs would become beetles or that maggots would soon transform into adult flies. This book tells the amazing stories of their hidden lives.
Honors and Awards
National Council for Social Studies/Children’s Book Council
Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
Research Notes
“The idea for this book came from my nephew, who was fascinated by insects. We would go to the library, check out piles of insect books, take them home, and read them together. One day, he asked if we could get a book about insects that were still growing up—just like him. I couldn’t find any, so I called up my editor and asked if she’d like me to write one. She thought it was a great idea, so I got to work on the book right away."
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