Eye See You
by Melissa Stewart
Storey Publishing, 2006
for Ages 8-12
ISBN 978-1-58017-848-8
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Even though you have five senses, you depend on your eyesight the most. So do many other creatures. But not all animals see the same way you do. In Eye See You, engaging text and beautiful photographs work together to explain how a wide range of creatures—from spiders and snakes to owls and orangutans—sees the world. 
Research Notes
“The photos in this book are really stunning, and there’s a good reason for that. My editor, Sarah Guare, scoured the planet for the most amazing animal eye photos she could find. Then she sent them to me, and I chose thirty to write about. I selected images that represented a wide range of animals and that had interesting stories to tell. For example, even though a tarantula has eight eyes, it can hardly see a thing. A hippo’s eyes (and nose) are on the top of its head so it can keep most of its head submerged to beat the heat. The dark rings around a panda’s eyes make the gentle plant eaters look ferocious to large predators. Those same circles make pandas look cute and cuddly to us."

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