A Daddy Longlegs Isn't a Spider
by Melissa Stewart
Windward Publishing, 2009
for Ages 5-8
ISBN 978-0-89317-069-1
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Follow a daddy longlegs as she fends off predators, takes a wind-powered trip down a stream, deals with the changing seasons, and finds a safe place to lay her eggs. This story will teach and delight everyone who has met the resourceful and often misunderstood daddy longlegs.
Research Notes

“I began work on this book many years ago. A publisher bought it in 2002, but then went out of business just days before it was scheduled to be printed. After that, several publishers expressed interest but it wasn’t until 2008 that Windward Publishing finally gave illustrator John Himmelman and me a serious offer.

“John and I first met in 1995, and his book A Ladybug’s Life is the first title I ever acquired as a young editor. That book eventually developed into the thirteen-title Nature Upclose series. For all those years, John and I have wanted to do a book together, and now we finally have.”
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