by Melissa Stewart
NorthWord, 2007
Our Wild World series
for Ages 4-10
ISBN 978-1-55971-967-4
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How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? What are antennae for? Why are some butterflies more colorful than others? Author Melissa Stewart reveals the answers to these questions and more. Find out how butterflies live in Our Wide World.
Research Notes
“I’ve spent many hours observing butterflies in Costa Rica, Mexico, Europe, and near my home in eastern Massachusetts , so I was excited to write this general book on butterflies. Even though I’d written about butterflies before, I still learned plenty about them, including how they mate and that the monarch butterfly was named by the Pilgrims."
“Crisp text describes the major physical characteristics, behavior, distinctive characteristics of habitats, defense mechanisms, diets, and life cycles. [The text] also mentions hibernation, migration, pollination, threats to the animals’ survival, and efforts to preserve them. Butterflies explains how the insects mate, a detail most introductions omit. [The book offers] more detailed information on physiology and behavior and life cycles than most general introductions aimed at about the same age level. These profusely illustrated titles will appeal to browsers as well as report writers."
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