Up Your Nose!
by Melissa Stewart
Benchmark Books, 2009
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-76144-170-0
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“I want to emphasize how interesting Melissa Stewart has made her research and writing process [in the book’s Note on Sources section]. Her notes show you her original intention. She was going to focus on how humans and other animals smell, but then she realized she had to include the nose’s critical role in breathing and tasting. Her books are collaborative as she collected ideas from kids and even elicited help from her nephew who wanted to understand the difference between boogers and snot. Her books’ research took time as she writes “I had a hard time finding books with specific information about the nose, so it took a long time to compile all the information in this book.” She combines information from a variety of sources—books about respiration but also descriptions of the nose from medical journal articles about plastic surgery. AND, she interviews people like doctors and scientists for the most up-to-date information. Be sure to share this page with your students before they begin research projects and writing assignments. Students need to understand that even individual titles in a series are separate works, not just fill-in-the blank templates. This series illustrates this beautifully.”
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