The Skin You're In
by Melissa Stewart
Benchmark Books, 2010
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-76144-169-4
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The Secrets of Skin
The lively, conversational tone and blend of photos and cartoon-style art make The Skin You’re In: The Secrets of Skin a perfect blend of fun facts and serious science learning about your body’s outermost layer. Here at last—a book that’s irreverent enough to captivate young readers, yet authoritative enough to win the praise of teachers, librarians, and parents.
Honors and Awards
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator Nonfiction Research Grant
Research Notes

“By the time I started working on this book, all the kids in my life—my six nieces and nephews, my friends’ children, the kids in my neighborhood—knew that I was working on this series. It’s thanks to their interest and suggestions that this book contains so much great information. 

“I had a long conversation about snake skins with a third-grader from Lowell, Massachusetts, and a boy I tutor reminded me that polar bears have black skin. Not long ago, a friend’s child asked me why his fingers were wrinkly after a bath. And my nephew insisted that I include noogies.

“But I didn’t steal all the ideas in this book from kids I know. I also read plenty of medical textbooks, journal articles and pieces in popular science magazines. Then I wove together all the fascinating facts to create this book.”
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