Science in Ancient India
by Melissa Stewart
Franklin Watts/Grolier, 1999
Science of the Past series
for Grades 4-6
ISBN 978-0-531-11626-5
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This book outlines and describes the scientific contributions of ancient India, including Arabic numerals, ayurveda, basic chemistry and physics, and celestial observations.
Research Notes
“This book required a lot of research because it covers many different topics and because most general reference books about ancient India focus on politics, customs, and religion—not science, medicine, and math. I spoke with and exchanged email with several Indian scholars. They were able to give me some information directly and also recommended references that I could acquire through interlibrary loan. When I first started working on this book, I had no idea what the ancient Indians had contributed to the world and was impressed with their knowledge and accomplishments."
“This attractive title begins with a brief overview of Indian history. A timeline places the various empires and cultures in context. Succeeding chapters look at medicine, mathematics, astronomy, and physics, with an emphasis on [what] Indian scientists and philosophers understood centuries before their counterparts in Western Europe . Indian scientists and mathematicians are named and quoted whenever possible. Overall, a useful and unique resource."
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