Moving and Grooving
by Melissa Stewart
Benchmark Books, 2010
for Grades 3-5
ISBN 978-0-76144-166-3
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The Secrets of Muscles and Bones
The lively, conversational tone and blend of photos and cartoon-style art make Moving and Grooving: The Secrets of Muscles and Bones a perfect blend of fun facts and serious science learning abouthow bones and muscles are responsible for every move we make. Here at last—a book that’s irreverent enough to captivate young readers, yet authoritative enough to win the praise of teachers, librarians, and parents.
Honors and Awards
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator Nonfiction Research Grant
Research Notes
“Before I did the research for this book, I never truly appreciated how much we rely on muscles and bones. Without muscles, we couldn’t stand up, sit down, eat, breathe, poop, or pee. And if we didn’t have skeleton, we’d be nothing more than a puddle of blood and guts. I also uncovered some great information about the muscles and bones of other animals. For example, a caterpillar uses more than 4,000 muscles to crawl across a leaf, and who knew that animals could use their tongues in so many amazing ways!”
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