How Animals Breathe
by Melissa Stewart
Newbridge Publishing, 2003
Discovery Links series
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-1-4007-3786-4
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Simple text and large, beautiful photos compare the ways in which a variety of animals breathe. Learn how mammals, fish, insects, and other creatures get the oxygen their bodies need.
Research Notes
When editor Marilyn Salomon called to offer me this project, I initially said no. The deadline was tight, and I had just finished a huge project and wanted to take a break. But Marilyn soon convinced me that the topic was so intriguing that I couldn’t pass it up. So I delved into the research, learning about the book lungs of spiders, the spiracles of insects, the gills of fish and other water creatures, and of course our lungs. I learned that some frogs take in up to half of their air through their skin and a few turtles can breathe through their butts! Aren’t animals amazing!"

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