How Does the Ear Hear?
by Melissa Stewart
Good Question series
Sterling Publishing, 2014
Ages 7-10
ISBN 978-1-45490-672-8
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How do our five senses help keep us safe? Why are two ears better than one? Why do some people need glasses? Why does food taste so blah when we have a cold? And WHY can't we tickle ourselves? Find out in this SENSE-sational book!

Research Notes
“I’ve written about the five senses before, but this title gave me the exiting opportunity to look closely at sensory perception in other animals, too, and that was a truly eye opening experience. Thanks to help from a number of animal researchers, I learned a great deal about how the creatures around us experience the world, and I included the most fascinating tidbits in the book.”
“Following the series’ question-and-answer format, How Does the Ear Hear? presents facts about the senses (e.g., “How do your eyes work?”; “Can some animals hear sounds that people can’t?”). Double-page spreads feature illustrations and labeled diagrams in accessible designs. Reading list, websites. Ind.”
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