is my Brain Like a Supercomputer?
by Melissa Stewart
Good Question series
Sterling Publishing, 2014
Ages 7-10

ISBN 978-1-45490-680-3

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Why do I have a belly button? What happens to the food I eat? Why am I different from everyone else on Earth? All children want to understand how their body works, and this lively illustrated book explains it all, from what DNA is to how their heart pumps blood.
Research Notes
“I’ve written books about various parts of the human body before, but I wanted to write this all-in-one title for kids who might not be ready for the commitment of reading a half dozen books, each of them focusing in depth on just one organ system. Along the way, I had a chance to update my knowledge, discovering what researchers have learned about the human body in the last few years.”
“Following the series’ question-and-answer format, How Is My Brain Like a Supercomputer? is a surprisingly complete exploration of human anatomy (DNA, digestion, circulation, and more). Double-page spreads colorful photomicrographs and anatomical drawings in accessible designs. Reading list, websites. Ind.”
“The Good Question! series continues to offer interesting facts in an appealing fashion. Working within a set format, the skilled authors organize questions and two- or three-paragraph answers in ways that introduce and cover each subject appropriately. On each spread, clearly captioned illustrations—maps, drawings, close-up photographs, and realistic images—face the text. The questions are those a child reader might ask. Beginning with the DNA instructions that make us each unique, How Is My Brain like a Supercomputer? goes from our protective skin to our muscular, circulatory, nervous, skeletal, digestive, and respiratory systems. Attractively presented, with up-to-date, accurate information, these science titles are a first choice.”
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