Do People Really
by Melissa Stewart
Is That a Fact?
Lerner Publications, 2010
for Grades 4-6
ISBN 978-0-76134-916-7
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Is the Bermuda Triangle Really a Dangerous Place?
and Other Questions about the Microscopic World
People have tiny insects living in their eyelashes. Money is covered with germs. Your mouth has more bacteria than a dog’s mouth. You’ve probably heard these common sayings, but are they really true? This book investigates two dozen questions about Earth’s itty-bitty critters and explains why some are true and some are false.
Research Notes

“When editor Sara Hoffman asked me if I’d like to write this book, I may have actually screamed ‘Yes!’ into the phone. I knew the research would be a blast. Here, at last, I had an excuse to ask experts questions I’d been wondering about for years.

“Turns out, food really does contain tiny insect body parts and bacteria are to blame for body odor and bad breath. Your body contains more microbes than human cells, and the average kitchen sponge is about 450 times more germy than a toilet seat! Want to know more? Well, you’ll just have to read the book.”

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