Extreme Coral Reef!
by Melissa Stewart
Smithsonian Q&A series
for ages 5-9
ISBN 978-0061115752
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Extreme Rocks & Minerals! Extreme Nature!

A coral is an animal, but it sure doesn’t look one. Find out how corals live and grow, and how they create huge underwater structures as their dead bodies slowly accumulate over time. Coral reefs are among the most productive and diverse habitats on Earth, but they are now in danger of disappearing forever. Learn more about these amazing animals and find out how you can help save them. 

Research Notes

While I was researching this book, my family visited the Mexican Riviera, and we could go snorkeling along the coral reefs right off the beach of our resort. How cool is that! My husband and I saw many different kinds of corals, including wrinkly brain coral and sea fans in every color of the rainbow. We also saw sponges, sea stars, and an amazing array of fish, such as box fish, parrotfish, groupers, butterflyfish, and even a manta ray. My brother-in-law won the prize for the best sighting, though—a moray eel. My undersea explorations helped me bring the coral reef habitat to life for all my readers.

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