Parade of Plants
by Melissa Stewart
Investigate Science series
Compass Point Books, 2004
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-0-75650-637-7
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Air is Everywhere Animals All Around Down to Earth
Fun with the Sun Parade of Plants Use Your Senses
What’s the Weather?
What’s the best way to learn about water? By doing the independent activities presented in this book. The text’s open-ended questions and clear, age-appropriate explanations help students discover the science all around them.

Scholastic Book Clubs now offers this book in a smaller format that’s perfect for outdoor explorations.

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Research Notes
“When my editor asked me to create a series of hands-on, inquiry-based science books for early elementary students, he left all the details of format, design, and presentation up to me. My first task was to determine which topics would be best for this level. One of the subjects I chose was water. Next, I thought about the most engaging way to reach my readers. The result is a novel approach that uses questions to get kids directly involved in the science."
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