Fun with the Sun
by Melissa Stewart
Investigate Science series
Compass Point Books, 2004
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-075650-593-6
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Animals All Around Down to Earth
Parade of Plants Use Your Senses What’s the Weather?
Wonders of Water
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“Throughout these informative titles, the author poses questions, asks students to make predictions, and suggests simple experiments and observations that will enhance their understanding of basic science concepts. Emphasis is placed on looking, but not disturbing one’s natural surroundings. Experiments are clearly marked with icons for reading directions carefully, seeking adult help, and turning to the Doing More section at the end of each book. Captions reinforce the scientific method. Stewart’s books will be especially welcome in school libraries where the demand is high."
“Few books that I’ve seen so clearly emphasize the process of doing science: observing, collecting, recording, and experimenting with natural specimens, along with thinking about them."
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