Life in a Wetland
by Melissa Stewart
Ecosystems in Action series
Lerner, 2003
for Grades 5-9
ISBN 978-0-8225-4687-0
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Life in a Lake
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Life in a Wetland does a wonderful job explaining how all aspects of this fragile ecosystem interact. The rich, descriptive text and photographs help readers imagine they are on a very personal tour of the Everglades . . . . Readers will gain a good understanding of what a wetland is and how the various components of a wetland interact with and influence each other. Stunning wildlife photography supports the text. This book complements National Science Standard C for grades 5-8, particularly on populations and ecosystems. I would recommend this book to any teacher who covers biomes, food webs and food chains, or nutrient cycling as they relate to an ecosystem."
Life in a Wetland describes the Everglades, from its river of sawgrass to the sandy soils of its pinelands, very well. Stewart flows seamlessly between topics and introduces the reader to the tremendous variety of plants, animals, and natural processes that are the Everglades. The use of plants and animals to connect the various parts of the book, as well as the various parts of the Everglades , is appealing. Life in a Wetland is well written for its audience, with a straightforward style that doesn’t sacrifice science for simplicity. The book is nicely designed with beautiful pictures and a look and feel that will appeal to its young audience."
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