Life Without Light9
by Melissa Stewart
Ecosystems in Action
Lerner, 2003
for Grades 5-9
ISBN 978-0-8225-4687-0
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Life in a Lake
The Florida Everglades wetland ecosystem includes a half dozen different plant communities and a wide assortment of animal life. For thousands of years, this diversity allowed the many species to remain healthy in the face of ever-changing water levels, wildfires, and hurricanes. However, the influx of humans, and the consequential draining of large portions of the wetland, have severely disrupted this balance and threaten the survival of the ecosystem. With plans to restore the wetlands already begun, can this fragile community survive?
Honors and Awards
National Science Teachers Association Recommended Title
Research Notes
“Traveling to the Florida Everglades really influenced the way I wrote this book. By showing a series of animals going through their daily routines and following their movements from one habitat to another, I was able to create a living narrative that allows readers to feel as though they are truly experiencing this unique ecosystem firsthand."
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