Treating Earth’s Trouble Spots
by Melissa Stewart
Newbridge Publishing, 2005
for Grades 6-8
ISBN 978-1-4007-4446-6
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This book highlights some ecological trouble spots on Earth today, and what people are doing to solve the problems.
Research Notes
“As I researched the section of this book that discussed Louisiana ’s eroding coastline, the scientists I interviewed kept saying that they feared what might happen to New Orleans and surrounding areas if a major hurricane struck. Their predictions became reality in 2005 (just a few months after the book was published) when Hurricane Katrina struck. I was glad this book was available to help students understand how the area’s geology and geography doomed the city.”
“This is exactly the kind of book I need in my classroom. It bridges an important gap by including interesting, cutting-edge science in a book that can really help my students develop their reading skills.”

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