The Producers
by Melissa Stewart
Ranger Rick series
Newbridge Publishing, 2003
for Grades 5-7
ISBN 978-1-4007-3645-4
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Cells to System Shorebirds
Using the process of photosynthesis, plants and other producers make their own food. They in turn provide food for nearly all of Earth’s other life forms. Here’s your chance to learn about a group of creatures you’ve probably never thought about before.
Research Notes
“When my editor first assigned me this book, neither one of us knew exactly what form it would ultimately take. Of course, we knew that plants are at the base of many food chains. But we were amazed to discover the important role other photosynthesizers play in maintaining the world’s ecosystems. It turns out that microscopic creatures living on the surface of the ocean generate more than half of all the oxygen we need to survive."
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