Extreme Nature!
by Melissa Stewart
Collins, 2006
Smithsonian Q&A series
for Ages 5-9
ISBN 978-0-06089-936-3
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Extreme Coral Reef! Extreme Rocks & Minerals!
A blue whale is extremely big—as long as two school buses placed end to end. The stout infantfish is extremely small—as small as the eraser on a pencil. A peregrine falcon is extremely fast—it can dive at 200 miles per hour. A sloth is extremely slow—it might take three hours to move one mile. But the biggest, the smallest, the fastest, the slowest, and every other living creature on Earth need to find food, stay safe, and raise young. Extreme Nature! lets you in on some of the amazing ways plants and animals accomplish these goals.  
Research Notes
“Everyone knows that blue whales are the biggest animals alive today and that giraffes are the tallest, but tracking down the most poisonous plant and the creature with the largest mouth was a real challenge. I interviewed top scientists from all over the world to gather the information in this book."

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