Cell Biology
by Melissa Stewart
Twenty-First Century Books/
Lerner, 2008
Great Ideas of Science series
for Grades 8-12
ISBN 978-0-8225-6604-5
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Cell Biology
So far, scientists have identified about 1.7 million different species. But some experts believe that as many as one hundred million species may share our planet. How do we keep track of so many living things? Scientists classify creatures, or sort them into groups based on their similarities and differences. But classification isn’t always simple. Scientists constantly struggle to determine which characteristics are most useful in determining a creature’s evolutionary history.
Research Notes
“This book turned out to be much more work than I expected. I wasn’t surprised that I had to order a lot of books and articles from far off places or that I ended up spending many hours reading dusty volumes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s research library. But when I finally sat down at the computer, I realized I had a big problem. It turns out that two very different systems are used to classify living things, and scientists who use one system are bitterly opposed to the other. It was no easy task to understand and explain their different points of view."  

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