Rachel Carson: Scientist and Writer
by Melissa Stewart
Career Biographies
Ferguson Publishing, 2001
for Grades 7-12
ISBN 978-0-89434-368-1
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Scientist and Writer
In Silent Spring, Carson imagined a world in which no birds sang, and, through the power of her pen and her scientific understanding, changed the world so that that would not happen. This book shows young readers the events of Carson’s life that shaped her into one of the most influential environmental writers of all time.
Research Notes
“Rachel Carson once said, ‘I thought I had to be one or the other—a scientist or a writer. It never occurred to me that I could combine the two careers. Finally, it dawned on me that by becoming a biologist, I had given myself something to write about.’ This really hit home with me because I feel exactly the same way about meshing my science background with my writing. The more I learned about Ms. Carson, the more I felt a deep kinship in our views of the world and our goals in life. It was a true pleasure to work on this book."
“The straightforward prose in this biography covers the details of the subject’s childhood near Pittsburgh, PA, through her working years in Washington and summers in Maine , to literary success and controversy, and her untimely death. Career information, what biologists and writers do, and a short suggested list of places for further research into the fields is appended."
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