Earthquakes and Volcanoes
by Melissa Stewart
HarperCollins, 2008
Smithsonian FYI series
for Ages 9-12
ISBN 978-0-06089-950-9
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Young readers are fascinated by natural disasters, especially volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Because this book was developed in partnership with scientists working at the Smithsonian Institution, it contains the most fascinating and up-to-date information about how and why these devastating natural disasters occur.
Research Notes
“I work with scientists on many of the books I write, but for these books, I had direct access to some of the world’s top researchers. Thanks to their help, I was able to include cutting-edge research findings that young readers won’t be able to find in any other book written specifically for them."
“Melissa Stewart’s thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ text, enhanced with colorful illustrations, photos and diagrams, makes Earthquakes and Volcanoes FYI an essential and highly recommended addition to school and community libraries.”
“It’s hard to beat this title for a clear, accurate, and appealing survey. . . . the quality of text and illustrations makes it a standout.”
"This book is highly recommended. Chapters are visually attractive and readable double page spreads, filled with photos, explanatory sidebars, and textual information, but pages are not so busy that struggling readers would be confused. Many young readers are sure to be so fascinated by this book that they continue to investigate the natural world to satisfy their own interests or to consider a possible career."

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