Inside Volcanoes
Inside Volcanoes
by Melissa Stewart
Sterling, 2011
for ages 9-12
ISBN 978-1-40275-876-8
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“Clear prose and striking visuals combine to explain the natural occurrences and their effects. The books are cautionary without being hysterical, conveying immediacy through a conversational style and occasional personal recollections. Foldout pages (some horizontal, some vertical) are used to excellent effect. Photos, drawings, charts, and other visuals are well chosen and well documented.”
Inside Volcanoes is full of interesting facts and amazing photographs that will entice even the most reluctant reader to pull up a chair and explore this book from cover to cover. . .  [It] should be scooped up by teachers and librarians.”
“From the eye-catching jacket photos to the clearly written explanations of natural phenomena, volumes in the Inside series have much to offer. [Inside Volcanoes] offers historical perspective  . . . as well as bringing to life, through photos and well-chosen quotes, the dramatic experiences of firsthand observers. [C]ross-sectional drawings . . . literally looks inside different types of volcanic mountains as well as comparing major eruptions and their effects. Excellent for browsing or science reports”
“Bursting with foldouts, dramatic photographs, and diagrams, Inside Volcanoes explains Earth's layers and tectonic plates, tells of the deadliest volcanic eruptions, looks inside the major kinds of volcanoes, introduces volcanic rocks, and visits volcanoes undersea and in space.”
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