Inside Earthquakes
Inside Earthquakes
by Melissa Stewart
Sterling, 2011
for ages 9-12
ISBN 978-140275-877-5
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Several million earthquakes occur every year—but why and where do they happen? Young readers will get the inside scoop in this exciting book. Stunning gatefolds and photographs from on the ground and from satellites in space, as well as dramatic first-person accounts, coverage of the recent Haiti disaster, and the latest scientific information, make Inside Earthquakes a fascinating, ripped-from-the-headlines look at this natural phenomenon.
Research Notes
“I’ve written about earthquakes before, but the science is changing so fast that there were lots of new things to learn. I really appreciate all the help scientists gave me in understanding the most up-to-date research. I also enjoyed interviewing a variety of people who had survived earthquakes for the I Was There features in the book. But my favorite part of the project was working with my fabulous editor to create the dynamic horizontal gatefolds that truly take you Inside Earthquakes.”
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