Extreme Rocks and Minerals
by Melissa Stewart
Collins, 2007
Smithsonian Q&A series
for Ages 5-9
ISBN 978-0-06089-981-3
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Extreme Coral Reef! Extreme Nature!
Some minerals are as soft as baby powder. Others are as hard as diamonds. Some rocks started out as sizzling hot lava, and others were created as layers of sand and pebbles were pressed together over millions of years. There’s so much to learn about the amazing rocks and minerals that make up our world.
Research Notes
“This isn’t the first book I’ve written about rocks and minerals, but I still learned some interesting new facts. I had a blast exploring the Smithsonian Institution’s websites and included links throughout the books, so readers can continue to explore on their own.”
“It’s hard to beat this title for a clear, accurate, and appealing survey … the quality of text and illustrations makes it a standout.”

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