by Melissa Stewart
Ranger Rick series
Newbridge Publishing, 2003
for Grades 5-7
ISBN 978-1-4007-3636-2
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Cells to Systems Producers
This book reveals the secrets of some of North America’s most fascinating birds. Learn how they fly, find food, migrate, and reproduce. And find out what you can do to protect them from environmental threat.
Research Notes
“I’ve loved going to Cape Cod ever since I was a child. Who knows how many hours I’ve spent exploring the tide pools or watching the sanderlings feed at West Dennis Beach? Researching this book was the perfect excuse to return to the Cape, where I observed piping plovers and a variety of sandpipers. One of my most important sources for this book was the newly published Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior. While visiting Mr. Sibley’s website, I learned that he lived nearby‚ and I was able to meet him. The following year, his wife asked me to judge a science fair at their sons’ school. It was a lot of fun to talk to the students about their projects.”
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