Reading a Picture: A Look at Visual Literacy Melissa with young writer
Grade K, 30 minutes, serves 1 classroom
Grades 1-2, 40 minutes, serves up to 2 classrooms
This fun, interactive program looks at the role pictures play in a picture book. Children develop critical thinking skills as they consider how a picture conveys information and discuss what they might have done differently if they’d been the illustrator. Supports Common Core Reading Informational Text Standards 6 and 7.
Can an Aardvark Bark?
Grade 1-2, 30 minutes, no limit to size of audience
Following a lively, interactive read aloud, students discover the fascinating story, riddled with rejection and inspiration from the most surprising sources, behind Can an Aardvark Bark?—from inspiration to publication.
Why Chocolate Is Better Than Roses
Grades 3-5, 45 minutes, no limit to size of audience
Discover why it took 10 years to research, write, and revise (56 times!) No Monkeys, No Chocolate. In this fast-paced program, Melissa describes her research adventures in the rain forest, shares rejected manuscripts, and explains how her young nieces inspired her to complete the award-winning book.
Creating Nonfiction: Researching, Writing, and Revising
Grades 3-8, 60 minutes, serves up to 3 classrooms
In this popular, in-depth program, Melissa shares her secrets for creating interesting, fact-filled nonfiction: choosing a topic, doing research, organizing ideas, creating clear, lively prose, and improving a piece through revision.
Nonfiction Writers Dig Deep
Grades 4-6, 60 minutes, serves 1 or 2 classrooms
Is your students’ nonfiction writing ho-hum? Do they have trouble choosing and focusing a topic? Do they copy research sources even though they know they shouldn’t? This hands-on workshop shows students how to craft unique, engaging nonfiction by digging deep to find a personal connection to their topic and their approach.
Revising Personal Narratives
Grades 4-6, 60 minutes, serves 1 classroom
After discussing common reasons a writer’s first draft needs improvement, students learn and practice an easy four-step method for enriching personal narratives through adding details, improving verb choice, including sensory information, and adding comparisons.
School Visits with Melissa Stewart
School Visit Slideshow
Watch this video to see how Melissa taps into the delight and fascination children have for nature and learning via the tools that nature provides.
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