When Rain Falls
by Melissa Stewart
Peachtree, 2008
for Ages 4 to 8
ISBN 978-1-5614-5438-0
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Under the Snow   Beneath the Sun
Series at a Glance
We go inside when the rain comes down, but where do animals go? That depends on the kind of animal and where it lives. Bees hide in hives and ants stay safe in underground nests. Squirrels pull their long bushy tails over their heads like umbrellas. Caterpillars crawl under leaves. Using clear, simple language, When Rain Falls offers young readers a lyrical look at how animals living in forests, fields, wetlands, and deserts behave during a rainstorm.

Honors and Awards

Helena Education Foundation Fabulous First Pick
Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List
Keystone to Reading Book Award Nominee 2009-2010
Science Books & Films Best Books for Children
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